About us

Since 1974, Amscor, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying quality steel shelving and storage products to almost every type of business, organization, government and individual. From Fortune 500 companies to mom & pop endeavors to the family down the street, Amscor has a storage solution.  Our products have are commonly used for:


  • Warehouse, storage and distribution facilities

  • Legal, accounting and records storage

  • Mass media, broadcast, entertainment, sports teams, tabloid and music industries

  • Retail, front office, back office, library and display applications


Our proven track record of quality and reliability and our long ling of end users is a testament to our continued success in the shelving and storage manufacturing business.  Amscor has built its reputation of excellence through creating shelving and storage solutions to fit customers needs.


Our guarantee


All Amscor products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality industry standards. We use the finest quality steel available and we employ strict cleaning and degreasing protocol using our powder coating paint system on all products.  We guarantee all of our shelving and storage products for a period of one year against defects in material and workmanship when used in proper circumstance.



Smart Storage Solutions | Designed for Your Application | Limited Only by Your Needs

Amscor, Inc.  119 Lamar Street  West Babylon, NY 11704  800 825-9800   Fax 718 395-4936  www.amscorinc.com   sales@amscorinc.com

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